The Herbs

The herbs come in different forms. The most usual prescription is in tincture form, where the active compounds are extracted in alcohol. This is the most convenient way to take herbs. The herbal medicine that is prescribed is specific to each individual and can contain up to 7 different herbs.

In addition, it may be recommended to take dried or fresh herbs as a tea or to use in the preparation of food, or powdered herbs in a hot drink. Creams or lotions can be used topically.

With herbal tinctures, the usual prescription is for three weeks. This gives the herbs a chance to take effect, and the individual has a chance to develop a routine. Improvements or changes in diet and lifestyle will be recommended if necessary, as part of the consultation process.

Price list

100ml herbal tincture (1 week’s medicine)    12euro

300ml herbal tincture (3 week’s medicine)    30euro

Teas and powders – prices vary depending on availability and source

30ml cream   8euro

60ml cream   12euro

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